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The Best Watches to Wear in the Gym

When choosing a workout watch, you want it to incorporate all the attributes a gym watch needs without sacrificing style. Unlike the watch you wear to work or your dress watch, a gym watch needs to be able to take a beating. In addition, you want your watch to add to your workout, not just take up space on your wrist. Choosing a well-made watch is essential for everyone in the gym, from the most experienced fitness buff to the after-work rookie.


Although a lot of people go to the gym because they want to look better, it's easy to forget how you look while you're there. Wearing your dress watch to the gym is not only terrible for your timepiece but sends the message that you don't belong. A watch with a leather strap or heavy bracelet is best left at home. When it comes to gym watches, look for matte color rather than shine, and style emphasis on the band and case rather than the face. For example, choose a watch with a sleek case and color or detailing on the band, rather than having unnecessary elements on the face that detract from your ability to read the time and use the watch's features.


When you buy a workout watch, look for something durable, made of a tough plastic, rubber, or a lighter titanium or ceramic. Your gym watch should be water resistant and able to take scratches and sweat without discoloration. Shy away from a glass crystal or anything else that could shatter, opting for a well-built shock resistant model if possible. Look for a watch that could realistically last a lifetime, made of a tough material with a shape that protects the face. If your watch can't be thrown in a gym bag without potential damage, it isn't durable enough to last through frequent workouts.


Gym watches boast a variety of unique features not available on casual or dress watches. Essential features include a stopwatch and heart rate monitor, while other options depend on how you work out. For runners, a lap counter, chronograph, distance calculator and GPS can be beneficial. If you primarily lift, look for a watch that tracks recovery time and workout intensity. Other features can include touchscreen interfaces and comfort options such as interchangeable bands.


Some watches can integrate with a smartphone, mp3 player or computer to create a complete workout analysis and enhancement plan. While some watches track workout times, workout intensity and other data, others can combine with calorie-counting apps to give you a better understanding of what your workout is doing. Other watches can choose music to match the pace of your workout, while some send data to your computer, allowing you to see how your fitness improves over time. With thousands of watches to choose from, finding the best watch to wear in the gym has never been easier. Remember to pick a watch that lasts and suits your workout needs, incorporating up-to-date features that will help you look great and motivate you to look and feel even better.

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