How to Put on a Wrestling Chin Cup

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The headgear that wrestlers wear on the mat is more than just a method of looking intimidating -- it's also a safety feature that can protect a wrestler's ears from long-term damage. Some headgear comes with a strap that sits near the neck, along the bottom of the jaw. Other types come with a chin cup, a device that straps directly on the chin and is simple to put on.

Thread the strap through the two holes on either side of the chin cup, so that the strap stretches horizontally across the outside of the cup.

Attach the snap end of the chin cup to the corresponding metal snap on the wrestling headgear. Your chin cup and headgear typically need to be of the same brand to ensure the snaps fit together properly.

Put the headgear on your head and tighten any straps on the headgear.

Position the cup on your chin. Then slide the pointed end of the chin cup strap into the corresponding hole on the headgear.

Pull on the chin cup strap to tighten it according to your comfort level.


If the chin cup is uncomfortable or rubs your chin, consider adding custom padding to the inside of the chin cup. It's also important to make sure your headgear is the right size for your head. If you're still growing, you might need to move up a size often as your head gets bigger.