How to Make a Cute Muscle Tank Top

seenad/iStock/Getty Images

If you've got a few old T-shirts that have lost their appeal, don't throw them out. Instead, use a little DIY magic to transform them into something new. Creating a muscle shirt out of a T-shirt is not only fashionable, but it's simple to do. Try a test run first. You won't want to ruin a shirt you actually like, so if you haven't made your own muscle tank before, it's best to practice on an old shirt you won't miss.

Pick out a shirt you want to turn into a tank and whip out your scissors. You'll only have to make a few snips to create a simple muscle tank.

Most T-shirts have a collar. Use your scissors to cut right under that collar line at the seam to remove it. Now, cut off your sleeves at the seam.

If you want to show off a little more skin, deepen the cut of each sleeve. Starting at the bottom of your tee, measure up five to six inches. Use your pencil to mark the distance on either side of your tank.

Starting at your pencil mark, cut upward and inward across the tee and toward the collar. The further inward you cut, the narrower your tank top. Make sure to leave at least a two-inch wide strap for each side of your tank top.


Because the muscle tee may expose your sides, wear it with a bandeau, tank top or sports bra underneath.