How to Wear Suspenders Hanging Down

How to Wear Suspenders Hanging Down

Suspenders are a classic accessory, typically used to hold pants in place while coordinating with the rest of the outfit in color or texture. The suspender look has been adapted by different generations, taking on many forms over the years. One look involves allowing the suspenders to hang down, making them solely an accessory. This adds a relaxed feel to an outfit, serving in contrast to otherwise buttoned up or formal attire.

Pull on a pair of pants that fit well at the waist. The pants must stay in place on their own.

Tuck your shirt in to the top of the pants. This adds a dressed up element to the outfit.

Clip the suspender in place at the front, ½ inch away from the center of the pants. Repeat with the second suspender.

Wrap the suspender around the side of the leg, and secure it at the back. Align it so that the suspender appears loose at the thigh, but is not loose enough to get caught on things while moving. Repeat with the second suspender.