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What Kind Of Jeans Are Good For a Skinny Waist and Big Legs?

Ladies with skinny waists and bigger legs are typically known as hourglass shapes. Your Jessica Rabbit-esque frame can seem like a blessing, but finding a jean that fits can be really tough. Because of your proportions, certain pants either won't fit or just won't look right. The good news is though some jeans don't work for you, there are others that will hug your curves perfectly and will fit your frame beautifully.

Look for Stretch

The stretchier your denim the better. A lot of denim is very structured and inflexible; these types don't work for hourglass shapes. You want a jean that can stretch to hug your curves, so opt for jeans that have lots of stretch. If you want a really comfortable fit, try a jegging -- a jean legging hybrid -- which fits like a legging but looks like a jean, giving you a super-comfy fit.

Higher Rise

High-rise fits work best for hourglass shapes. Because you have wider hips, low-rise jeans generally won't cover everything back there. Higher rises provide enough material to cover your waist and backside comfortably, which means you won't have to wear a belt or opt for longer shirts because you're worried about exposing too much skin when sitting and bending over.


Look for jeans with contoured waistbands. Contoured waistbands curve the body to give a more natural fit. They also help to reduce the dreaded gaping -- that space between your waist and your jeans -- that's so common with hourglass figures.

Washes and Silhouettes

Darker-wash jeans will slim your bottom half, while lighter washes will make you look larger. Another way to play with illusions is to try boot-cut and flare-leg jeans. These silhouettes will balance out your bottom half with your top half. If you love skinny jeans, wear them; just throw on a pair of heels that will give you height and therefore slim you out.

Find a Tailor

Finding a great tailor is incredibly important for hourglass-shaped ladies. Because not all hourglass shapes fit the same, you may still not have a perfect-fit jean. To get the best fit, find a pair that best fits your thighs and have it taken in at the waist. It's almost like having a custom pair of jeans made for you. This will guarantee the best, most flattering fit every time.

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