Shoes That Will Make a Grey & Black Dress Pop Images

You can perk up a dress instantly by wearing the right pair of shoes. Neutral colors such as gray and black can be matched with heels or flats that come in an array of colors and patterns. The dress will stand out because of your eye-catching shoes.

Choice of Colors

Let your feet do the talking when wearing a gray or black dress. Gray comes in dark and light hues. The lighter shades of gray highlight the lines and details of the body, so be sure their cuts and styles flatter your physique. Black is known for its slimming effect and ability to hide flaws. Bold brights such as red, pink, turquoise or yellow will make a gray or black dress come to life. For the more fashion-forward shoe lover, try florescent pink, green, yellow or orange to make a head-turning statement.

Metallic Tone

Gold or silver heels or flats will add an elegant and visually appealing vibe to a gray or black dress. Some metallic shoes have a muted or toned-down shine while others are more glossy. Either one will make the neutral dress stand out. If wearing hosiery with this type of shoe, make sure it is flesh colored. Hosiery in other colors will clash with the gold or silver tone of the shoe.

Patterns Prints and Suede

Shoes in geometric, floral, psychedelic, polka-dot or animal print will bring attention to a gray or black dress. Patterns also create a soft contrast between the basic colors of gray or black and the daring shoe pattern or print. Shoes of this design may be made of leather, satin or suede material. Suede is also a head-turner when worn in vibrant solid colors such as royal blue or emerald green. For additional flair, you can use a bag or clutch that matches the shoe. This is another way to make the dress pop.

Styles of Shoes

Style options vary with sandals, wedges, peep toes, pumps, stilettos or flats. For those with chunky legs, a wedge or a shoe with an ankle strap gives the illusion of smaller calves. Platform shoes provide proportion to a slim leg. The classic pump works on all leg shapes. Flats are another option. They are not only comfortable, but stylish enough in metallic, colors or patterns to accessorize with a gray or black dress.