How Can a Teen Girl Tell a Shirt Is Too Tight?

Leonard Mc Lane/Digital Vision/Getty Images

In these days of form-fitting clothing, finding shirts that fit properly takes some skill. Knowing how to determine if your shirts fit well takes a little know-how, especially if you're a teen. Check out these tips to see if your shirts are too tight or just right.

The Width

If a shirt feels too tight and you're uncomfortable in it even when you're standing, try a larger size. Your shirt is too tight if it leaves indentations on your skin from the seams, buttons or zippers. A well-fitted shirt has shoulder seams that hit the edge of your shoulder right before it curves downward. If your shirt reveals too much of your body -- such as a protruding belly or healthy bust -- it's too tight.

The Length

A shirt's tightness is also measured in its length. If you're constantly pulling your shirt down over your belly or hips, it's too tight and short for your frame. This is also the case if you raise your hands above your head and your belly or back is exposed. If the hem of your shirt barely touches the waist of your pants, it's too small. A well fitted, not-too-tight shirt should cover your torso when you raise your arms.

In Action

When every detail of your torso is visible in a shirt, you should try a larger size, regardless of what fashion dictates. If a shirt comes untucked, rides up or you need to constantly check it and adjust it every time you move, it's too tight. Forget about your "normal" size. Find a shirt that fits regardless of the size. When you try it on, make sure it covers your body when you sit, twist, reach and bend. If it does, you're good to go.

Spandex and Lycra

Spandex, Lycra and other stretchy threads are found in many fashions. But just because a blouse or shirt stretches doesn't mean you should test its limits. If a shirt is made of stretchy fabric, the same rules for sizing apply. Stretchy blouses generally are crease-free and cut down on ironing time, but they shouldn't be so tight that you risk exposing yourself. Enjoy the curve-hugging stretchy shirts out there, but make sure they fit well first.