Can I Wear Sheer-Toed Stockings With Sandal Heels?

Don't let toe seams take the spotlight away from your sandals.

Stockings or no stockings, that is the question. While many women like the coverage that stockings provide, they don’t always pair well with sandals and open toes. You can achieve this look successfully, by choosing the right type of sheer stockings. If you’re not quite ready to bare it all, sheer stockings can keep you covered.

Barely There Toe Seams

Wearing sheer-toed stockings with sandals is fine, as long as they do not have a large toe seam, often called a reinforced seam. If the seam is thin and barely visible, it won’t detract from the look at all. Some styles of sheer stockings don’t have any toe seams at all, which make them an even better choice for heeled sandals. You can opt for shear colored stockings as long as the seam isn't much darker than the surrounding material. It’s best to try on the stockings and shoes and then look at your toes to make sure the seams aren’t noticeable.