3 Yoga Myths Debunked

Do you hold on to any of these yoga myths?

Let's clear up a few misconceptions that may have been keeping you away from attending a yoga class!

Yoga practitioners come in all shapes and sizes.

1. You Must Be Flexible

Yoga can help build strength, tone muscles, improve breathing and foster healthy meditation. Flexibility is only one small component of yoga. You might be surprised that a yoga class is really a total-body workout - it's not solely focused on stretching and flexibility. Most deep stretches are done near the end of class once you have built up heat from all the strength postures. Your flexibility will greatly increase with yoga over time too!

Yoga is as much for men as it is for women.

2. Yoga Is for Women Only

Yoga is a tradition that is practiced by all walks of life whether it be men, women, athletes, non-athletes, young, old and everyone in between.

The sad truth is in our western civilization most men think yoga is only for women, and they may be missing out in a big way physically, mentally and spiritually. I suggest that everyone try yoga at least a few times to see if it sticks.

3. Yoga Doesn't Burn Calories

There are many different types of yoga classes. Many classes are full-body workouts that will leave you drenched in sweat. There are classes that focus on other less strenuous elements, like breathing or stretching. Power Vinyasa classes are very physically challenging and can incorporate cardio routines in them depending on the teacher. If you try a number of different classes, you will be able to fully experience the wide variety of different yoga traditions. It's likely you will find that yoga is a fulfilling, complete workout that can burn plenty of calories and help you you get lean and fit.

  • Tamal Dodge

Tamal Dodge was born and raised in his family's yoga ashram in Hawaii, and he has been teaching and practicing yoga since childhood. Tamal founded Yoga Salt in Marina Del Rey, CA. He has been featured in Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, CSNBC, Self Magazine, Yogi Times, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living radio, Fit TV and numerous other publications nationally and internationally. Follow Tamal on Facebook and Instagram.