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This Yoga Blogger Is Taking Relationship Goals to the Next Level

If you’ve ever thought couples yoga could be a good idea to help you get fit and healthy with your partner, yoga blogger Steph Gongora (aka @casa_colibri) is about to give you some serious inspiration.

The yoga teacher and her husband’s heartwarming yoga poses have shot to the top of Instagram’s #yoga hashtag — and for good reason. The pair, who practice yoga together in fun integrated poses, is basically the cutest thing we’ve ever seen when it comes to couples using yoga to work out and build intimacy together.

From playful poses that show off their personality to more integrated acroyoga videos, this fit couple is inspiring couples around the world to take their yoga to the next level with their partners — and we couldn’t be more on board.

So whether you’re a yoga beginner or an old pro, if you’re looking for some relationship — and fitness — goal inspiration, look no further than @casa_colibri

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Hillary Eaton is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles whose work has appeared in VICE, Refinery29, LA Weekly and Complex. She loves writing about food, entertainment, travel and style.

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