Woman Sues SoulCyle After ‘Impaling’ Leg on Bike

A woman is suing the fitness brand after injuring her leg after a class.

SoulCycle might be an inspiration and fun way to blast calories, but not everyone has left the trendy workout studio on a bicycle-fueled endorphin high. The popular fitness company has just been slapped with a major lawsuit after a woman claims she sustained a severe leg injury while dismounting the bike and, even worse, that none of the instructors attempted to help her.

According to the New York Post, which first published details about the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, New Yorker Donna Wood was vacationing in Beverly Hills in January 2016 when she decided to drop by SoulCycle. After taking an 8:30 a.m. class at the Wilshire Boulevard outpost, she attempted to hop off her bike — and that’s when the nightmare started.

“Her weight shifted and caused the support bar/beam for the saddle bar/weight bar to cut even more deeply into the flesh of her upper thigh, essentially impaling Donna Wood’s right leg,” the court papers state.

“She was left dangling by her right leg, which she could not dislodge. Though she screamed for assistance, because the class was in cooldown mode and music was still playing loudly and the room still dark, she was not heard or seen for several minutes.”

Eventually, another SoulCycler came to her aid, but despite the fact that she was bleeding profusely and in extreme pain, nobody from the facility offered to call an ambulance, the report continues. Wood was forced to take an Uber to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s emergency room, where she needed more than 50 surgical staples to close the wound. Due to her injuries she was forced to delay her trip home, and the wound ended up getting “severely infected.” She claims she didn’t recover until April, but “the laceration left a deep and permanent scar.”

The suit is charging SoulCycle with negligence by using unsafe stationary bikes though damages will be determined at trial. SoulCycle has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time the boutique fitness studio has been slapped with a lawsuit since being acquired by Equinox in 2011. In June 2016, first-time rider Carmen Farias sued SoulCycle and instructor Angela Davis after sustaining injuries from a 2014 ride. There is also a pending class-action suit against them involving their “class passes,” with customers accusing them of “stealing” due to their “unreasonably short expiration periods.”