Fitness Tips for the Day

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Yes, you're busy, but you can still squeeze in a workout or a healthy meal between stops, phone calls and meetings. Whether it's a two-minute breathing break between meetings or a long training run with your dog, make daily fitness a priority. Keep this tip sheet handy as a reminder to think about your health every day.

Sunday--the laziest day of the week

It’s easy to be lazy on the weekend, but use today for a functional training session. Play your favorite sport at the park or get in that long workout that is difficult during the hectic week. Also, take a few minutes to plan for the upcoming week. Choose which days might be best for your workouts, then schedule some exercise time and commit to it.

Monday--success day

Get a jump on your week. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier today so you can enjoy a cardio workout. This will start your day with a sense of healthy accomplishment and will get that heart pumping.

Tuesday tip

Use exercise to relieve some of that stress. A short walk outside or training session at your favorite studio can make you feel like a million dollars in just an hour.

Wednesday--health day

Hump day for most can mean health day for you. Use Wednesday as the day to eat at least 2 additional servings of fruits and vegetables. Maybe enjoy a glass of red wine with friends and family while you relax.

Thursday--I can see the finish line

You can see Friday on the horizon like the finish line of your last race. Use a good strength training session to rocket boost you into Friday. Think of a full body workout as your rocket fuel.


The weekend is the easiest time to sabotage all of the hard work you did throughout the week. Use today to prepare for the weekend by taking some extra time to stretch. Gentle breathing and some relaxing stretches will make a difference as you move into the weekend.

Saturday--play day

Remember Saturday as a kid? Well, use this day to refuel your inner child. Play some games, go for a hike or try a Zumba class. Your favorite activity is what Saturday is all about.