Quick Ways to Build Bicep Muscles

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When you think of strength, the image of a bodybuilder displaying his biceps might come to mind. Much like any other muscle group, exceptional bicep development is the result of hard work and dedication. However, a few tricks can help you build your biceps to an impressive size at a faster pace.

Eat a High Calorie Diet

If the development of your biceps has been underwhelming, it might be that you aren’t eating enough. Like all muscle groups, biceps require a surplus of calories to grow bigger and stronger. To quickly build impressive arms, you must be willing to gain overall weight. Add at least 500 calories of protein and complex carbohydrates to your diet each day and you should be rewarded with a burst of growth in your biceps.

Hammer Curls

Many exercisers do curl after curl with little to show for them. The reason is they neglect an important muscle. The bicep is divided into two muscles. The biceps brachii is the larger bicep muscle, which can be trained by standard curls. The brachailis is a muscle running along the outside of the biceps brachii. The brachailis is targeted by hammer curls, which are performed with dumbbells held in a palms-in grip. This hand position makes the dumbbell look like a hammer. Training the brachailis quickly adds size and fullness to the entire upper arm.


21’s are an old-school bicep exercise performed with a barbell. To execute a set of 21’s, start by performing seven partial bicep curls, moving the elbow from 180 degrees to 90. Without rest, perform seven more partial biceps curls, moving the elbow from 90 degrees to 0 or as far as your elbow will bend. Finally, perform seven full range curls. 21’s are a demanding exercise that can help spark new and accelerated growth in your biceps.

Zottman Curls

The Zottman curl looks curious, but it is an effective exercise for building massive biceps. This exercise targets both the biceps brachii and the brachailis with the same movement. Start the exercise while standing, with a dumbbell in each hand. Curl both dumbbells all the way to the top. Before lowering the dumbbells, twist your hands to a palms-down position. Now lower the dumbbells. Zottman curls are a fast way to achieve complete biceps development in minimal time.