High School Baseball Workout Programs


Working out and getting in shape for baseball takes quite a bit of time and effort in the off season and during the season. Players need to improve their overall conditioning as well as hone their baseball skills. They should attempt to mix their training efforts to address both aspects as they prepare to play baseball.

Wrist Curls

The best hitters use their wrists to generate bat speed and power. You can increase functional wrist strength in the batter's box by doing wrist curls with a towel. To perform these curls, you place a 15-lb. dumbbell on top of a small towel and hold the two ends of the towel your dominant hand. From there, you curl your wrist up 15 times, take a 1-minute break and repeat the set. When you are finished, do the same exercises with your opposite wrist.

Interval Training

In baseball, having explosive running speed can be helpful. Players will go through long periods of time when they are standing around and not running but then may have to run hard three or four plays in a row on the field or on the basepaths. Interval training helps players prepare for bursts of speed. One good program involves sprinting 90 yards, then following up with sprints of 80, 70 and 60 yards with no more than a 15-second break between sprints. After a 2-minute break, you can repeat the set. One more double-set of sprints before you leave the track completes a training session.

Call Your Field

You must address your abilities and needs on the field when training for baseball. For most players, that will involve regular batting practice. One of the best drills for developing a precise and effective swing is to have the batting practice pitcher call your field before each pitch. The best hitters can drive the ball to all fields and not just drive the ball for power by pulling it. Learning how to hit the outside pitch to right field (for a right-handed batter) is essential. In this game, the batting practice pitcher will call out before delivery where he wants to see you hit the pitch (right, center and left). He will vary his call so you can't predict or "guess" where you are supposed to hit it. This will help you develop your swing and your ability to drive the ball.