Pressure Points for Stress

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Acupressure is a healing art introduced and commonly used in Eastern medicine. It involves using the fingers to place pressure on key points in the body to bring about less stress, pain relief, focus and even heal common maladies, states When stress creeps into your life through work, family and personal life, a few taps on the key pressure points in your body may be all it takes for you to find an inner calm and banish stress. Try a few basic acupressure points to see if it helps your stress to subside.

Shoulder Tension

You may notice that when you are bogged down with stress, you feel it in your neck and your shoulders. Loosen the tension in your shoulders so you can relax at the end of the day by curving your hands into cup shapes, and placing your fingertips on the tops of your shoulders, suggests "Fitness" magazine. Press the spot on the very top of your shoulder with your index, middle and ring fingers for 20 seconds.

Skull Point

Your skull is a hotbed of pressure points, some of which can help you relieve stress in a discreet way. Easy to do at the office, you can interlace your fingers, and put them behind your head as if you were leaning back in your chair and relaxing. Find the point on your neck where it meets the skull with your two thumbs, and press gently for 20 seconds, states the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Your thumbs should easily find the natural indentation on which to push.

Neck Point

If you re the type of person who suffers from backaches due to stress, use the neck pressure point to relieve that stress and help you feel better. Use your left hand, reach it behind your neck, and place your fingers on the area below your right ear, suggests Press. While holding the position, press the area behind your right knee with your right hand. Hold for 20 seconds before releasing, and repeat on the other side of your body.

Third Eye Point

Stress can cause you to have tension in your head, suffer from headaches and fatigue. Give yourself respite from stress by finding the "third eye" point between your eyes. Place your index finger in the space directly between both eyes and above the nose. You should feel a natural indentation, which seems slightly more sensitive than the rest of your forehead. Tap 20 times before resting.