How to Figure a Catcher's Mitt Size From Glove Size

How to Figure a Catcher's Mitt Size From Glove Size

Most young baseball players start playing the game using a regular glove. By the time they decide to become a catcher and pursue success at the position, it becomes time to get a new glove. A catcher's glove -- called a catcher's mitt -- is fingerless and much more padded than a regular baseball glove. Knowing how to figure out the correct glove size for a catcher's mitt can help you be successful at the position.

Understand the differences between a catcher's glove and a regular baseball glove. A regular glove ranges between 9 and 12 1/2 inches from the top to the heel of the glove. Catcher's gloves are usually measured by circumference. The circumference of a catcher's glove can be anywhere between 31 and 34 1/2 inches.

Measure your baseball glove. Using a measuring tape can help you get a more accurate measurement of the length. Round every measurement to the closest half inch.

Find the difference between 12 1/2 and your glove size. Then take that result and subtract it from 34 1/2. Do this because 12 1/2 is the largest regular glove size in length, while 34 1/2 is the largest catcher's glove circumference. Your final result should be about the correct size for your catcher's mitt.

Try on your catcher's mitt before buying it from the store. Catcher's mitts fit much tighter than a regular glove, so you may need to adjust the belts and ties on the glove. You may even need to try on a mitt of a different size. Purchase a glove with a snug fit.


Catcher's mitts, like most gloves, need time to break in. Remember this when you purchase a glove. No catcher's mitt will feel perfect when closing the glove. It takes time for it to get that soft feeling. Certain sporting goods stores offer a steaming service to help break your glove in quicker.