How Much Does it Cost to Parasail?

When parasailing you will be up to 800 feet in the air above the water. It is optional whether or not you would like to touch the water. Time in the air ranges from company to company but generally is around seven minutes for a single person. No experience is necessary.

The cost of parasailing

A legitimate US Coast Guard-certified and insured company usually charges in the range from $40 to $75 per person. Some companies may offer reduced rates if you ride tandem or triple. They may also offer discounted rates on particular days of the week or specific times of the day.

Additional costs

Your friends and family may want to come along for the ride but it will cost them an additional fee. Typically, the cost to observe on the boat is between $10 and $20. Some companies may also charge a fuel fee of around $5.

Extra Facts

Some businesses require a 24 to 48 hour cancellation notice. This means that without the required advance notice of cancellation you will lose any money you have on deposit.

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