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Exercises to Thicken the Neck

The muscles of the neck serve important functions on your body, such as moving your head, assisting in breathing, holding your head upright and transporting blood to the brain. Like any other muscle on your body, the neck needs to be trained through exercises to develop and increase in dimension and strength.

Strong Neck

Exercises for the neck consist of natural movements and range of motions in four categories, performed with repetition. Rotation drills call for you to turn your head and bring your chin toward your shoulder, on both the right and left side. Lowering your ear toward your shoulder and back up again helps with lateral extensions. Forward flexion, bringing your chin toward your chest helps to strengthen and stretch the back of the neck. And hyperextension exercises consist of looking up toward the ceiling as the back of your head moves toward the back of your body.


Perform neck exercises at least three times per week, or whenever you feel tension or tightness in your shoulders, upper back or neck. Complete eight to 12 repetitions for each exercise. Periodically stretching your neck throughout the day, especially if you work on a computer, can help to alleviate any discomfort. Consult with your physician if you develop chronic neck pain.

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