How to Train Like a Marine

Training like a Marine will not only get you in to tip-top shape but provide an experience you won't forget. Training will also help you actually become a Marine. It will transform your body and mind and you'll feel like you can take on any task. Talk to a Marine if you'd like to become one.

How To Train Like A Marine

  1. Before starting any workout, consult a physician. Make sure you are up to the challenges. This very intense workout will require you to be in great health. Marines do not hold back. If cleared, lace up your boots and jump in.

  2. Increase sit-ups. Marines enforce the strengthening of their core or midsection. Start with crunches, then graduate to sit-ups. Start by doing 10 reps of sit-ups. Keep doing more and more sets. Your goal will be 50 reps of 10 sets. If you can do more, go for it.

  3. Marines must also be able to run. Start by alternating runs of 100 yards and walks of the same distance. Don't run every day right away. Adhere to a good running program of about three times per week. Soon, you should be able to run 2 miles. As soon as you work your way up to 3 miles per run, begin timing yourself. Your goal should be about 7 or 8 minutes per mile.

  4. At the end of each workout, find a good place to do pull-ups. They're a great way to strengthen your overall body and will be a big part of your Marine training. Pull-ups are hard work if you have never done them before. Start by doing two or three and you will quickly be able to do 10. Push-ups should be done just like sit-up workouts. If you stick to the program, you will start to see results in the first week.


    As soon as you are able to do 10 pull-ups, alternate between sit-ups or push-ups and pull-ups.


    Before joining the Marines, talk to someone who has already been through the training regimin.

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