Kevin Hart's Sumo-Inspired Workout Will Make You Sweat

Kevin Hart’s new YouTube show “What the Fit” aims to prove that the world is your gym and that there’s no harm in enjoying your workout.

Kevin Hart may have found the next big fitness trend: sumo wrestling. Not on board yet? Well, you might be after watching the first episode of his new YouTube show, “What the Fit,” which aims to prove that the world is your gym and that you’re totally allowed to laugh through your workout.

In each episode of the show, the 38-year-old “Jumanji” star will take on a new fitness challenge while joined by a famous friend. Episode 1 features Hart and Conan O’Brien learning traditional Japanese sumo sport wrestling. And, needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Though undeniably funny, Hart’s new series isn’t just here to make you laugh. In the final clip of the three-part episode, he and his longtime trainer Ron Boss Everline break down a few sumo-inspired moves to guide your at-home sweat sesh.

“The whole premise is to show people how to move with what you have,” Everline, who has trained Hart for nearly five years, tells Men’s Health. “It’s called ‘What the Fit’ for a reason. How can you make use of what you have, have fun and work out all at the same time? You define your fitness. The world becomes your gym.”

If your curiosity has been piqued, learn about the moves below. And aim for 20 reps of each for a truly legit workout.

Sumo Squats

This first move is all about the booty. “It targets the inner thigh and the hamstrings,” Everline says. To do it, stand with your legs wider than hip-width apart with your feet turned out at 45 degrees. Keeping your core activated and back straight, bend at your knees until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Then spring back up and repeat. For a more challenging variation, pick up a pair dumbbells. If you’re like Hart and want to start twerking (since you’re down there and all), we’re here for it: This power move can burn as many calories as jogging or power yoga.

Duck Walks

While you probably did some form of duck walks during recess as a kid, this move is anything but elementary. According to Everline, duck walks help to increase your mobility and strengthen your core. Start by crouching down into a regular squat position, with your thighs parallel to the ground. Then, take four steps forward and two back — that counts as one rep.

High Knees

High knees are Everline’s “favorite most-hated exercise to do on an interval timer” when he wants to get a client’s heart rate up. They’re simple: Run in place, focusing on getting your knees as high as you can, preferably above your hips. No need to keep track of reps here! Aim for 30 seconds.

Partner Challenge: Planks to Push-Ups With a Twist

Finally, to remind you of the amazing benefits that can come with partnering up for a workout, Hart and Everline included this move, which requires you to start in a high plank, with your palms on the ground directly below your shoulders. Then lower your right arm into a forearm plank and follow with your left arm. At this point, your workout partner will laterally jump over you. Finally, raise your right arm back into the high-plank position and, again, follow with your left arm. Cycle through the move until your partner has done the jump 20 times.

“It kind of motivates you and holds you accountable,” Everline says of the partner challenge. “The core dynamic between me and Kevin is every day we wake up and push ourselves. I’m challenging him, he’s pushing to be better than me, and I’m like, ‘There’s no way you can outdo me, as little as you are!’”

Episode 2, featuring an unsuspecting James Corden at Muscle Beach in Venice, California, is already live on YouTube, and you can look forward to future episodes with Khloe Kardashian, Evander Holyfield and more.

Sometimes we get so caught up with our #goals that we forget to allow ourselves to have fun while working out. “What the Fit” is a great reminder that it’s OK to loosen up and enjoy exercising. What’s the point of getting in your head at the gym when you could be laughing it up with a friend in the sumo ring instead? And we’ll be the first to admit: Having fun will make your workout feel like it flew by.