How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher With a Driver

Your driver may not be the most important club in your bag when it comes to the final number on your scorecard, but it does set the tone for your round psychologically.

Take your driver out of the bag and launch a shot high and deep down the fairway and you will feel great about the prospects for your round and your foursome will think they are playing with a formidable golfer. Hitting a high and majestic shot will give your confidence to play a great round.

    1. Change the position of the ball in your stance. Play the ball in line with the inside of your left heel (for a right-handed golfer). Just this change in ball position will allow you to hit the ball on the upswing with the club lofted.

    1. Transfer your weight to your target side (left for a right-handed golfer) on the downswing. If you don't transfer your weight, your club will rise too soon and you will hit the top part of the ball with the bottom of the club, creating a lower shot. The weight transfer allows you to swing level and catch the ball in the middle of the clubface, just at the beginning of the upswing.

    1. Resist the temptation to swing harder than you swing your other clubs.

    2. Most golfers – especially on the first tee – want to impress their player partners and try to hit an overwhelmingly long ball by adding velocity to their swing. This will have a negative impact on timing, reduce accuracy and not help distance.