How to Play Horse Race Golf

A horse race might seem out of place on the golf course, but this form of competition, also known as a shootout, is played at country clubs nationwide.

In the golf horse race, one player is eliminated per hole until only one player is left at the end of 18 holes. Think of it as match play in the extreme.

  1. Begin with 19 players if you are playing an 18-hole tournament or with 10 players if you plan a 9-hole tournament. You can run the shootout with or without handicaps.

  1. Start all players on the first hole.

  2. The golfers play the hole under the regular rules of golf. The participant with the highest score on the hole is eliminated.

    1. Assemble the remaining 18 players on the second tee. The teeing order is determined by honor -- that is, the player with the lowest score tees off first. At the conclusion of the second hole, the player with the highest score is eliminated.

    2. Again, break any ties for high score before proceeding to the third tee. Continue the competition in this manner until one player remains.