PGA Club Golf Professional Duties

A PGA club professional's duties vary widely, since a PGA club pro is something of a jack of all trades. A PGA club pro must be able to teach golfers of different ages and abilities, manage the operations of the golf course, run the pro shop, market the golf course to potential new players and members, and work with the greenskeeping crew to maintain the course in tip-top condition.


A PGA club pro is trained to be an excellent instructor. She must be able to relate to golfers of differing ages, genders, abilities and personalities. Many excellent teachers and coaches come from the ranks of PGA club pros, and they sometimes branch out and become full-time instructors and coaches.


A club pro runs the pro shop, which can be a key profit center for a golf course. The club pro's duties include ordering merchandise, stocking the shop, selling merchandise and understanding the needs and desires of the club's golfers. There are dozens of golf equipment manufacturers and hundreds of apparel companies, and a pro's skill in buying and selling the right merchandise often makes a big difference in a club's bottom line.

Organizer and Supervisor

A PGA club pro is responsible for the golf course's day-to-day operations. Duties include organizing and communicating tee time policies, working out the details of club competitions and tournaments -- both among the members and for outside corporate groups -- insuring a good pace of play by training and supervising starters and monitors, and supervising other members of the golf staff.

Public Relations

A PGA club pro's duties include public relations and promotion of the club. The pro also acts as an amateur psychologist, soothing the egos and psyches of individual club members. Members of a golf club run the gamut in terms of personalities and behaviors, and a talented club pro understands how to relate to members on an individual basis.

It's an essential duty of a club pro to get to know the members as both people and as golfers. By relating well to the members, a club pro creates a harmonious atmosphere that's also conducive to a successful career.