The Top 10 Triathlon Bikes

BartekSzewczyk/iStock/Getty Images

As a triathlete, you know a well-made triathlon or "tri" bike is essential for you to not just win a race, but survive it to the end. The last issue you need is a mechanical breakdown caused by your bicycle. Carbon fiber frames shaped to be aerodynamic, lightweight electronically-operated components, aero handlebars and carbon fiber wheels, as well as dependability, make up the 10 best triathlon bikes.

Argon 18 E-112 105

Stronger triathletes tend to favor the stiffness of the Argon 18 E-112 105. They feel this bike is best when paired with Shimano Dura Ace components, making the Argon 18 E-112 105 crisp and responsive, with exceptional handling to make the most of courses with ascents and curvy downhill portions.

BMC Timemachine TM01

Triathletes whose strength lie in the cycling portion of an event, call the Timemachine TM01 one of the fastest tri bikes in the sport. This makes sense as it benefits from very deep Zipp 808 carbon fiber wheels as well as a stiff aero-shaped frame. Another plus is the bike's adjustable cockpit that optimizes a rider's aerodynamic positioning. Components are Dura Ace Di2 electronic.

Cervelo P5

The Cervelo P5 makes use of Computational Flow Design technology to shape its aerodynamic tubes. This design increases the stiffness of the frame at its junction points, which makes the Cervelo P5, according to, the best stiffness and aero combination available. The frame also has a fork that works with a nose cone for even more aerodynamic assistance. Components are Shimano Di2 and Mavic Cosmic wheels.

Felt DA2

The best triathletes in the world herald the Felt DA2 for its multi-adjustable chassis that adds aerodynamic ability and comfort to the carbon fiber frame. With components that consists of Shimano Dura Ace electronic and a Reynolds carbon wheel set, the DA2 comes in at 18 pounds, which is extremely light by tri bike standards.

Giant Trinity Composite 2 states that power delivery and a superb riding position make the Giant Trinity Composite 2 the best bike for triathletes on a budget. The bike is also one of the best to upgrade when the time comes for higher-end components. And because of the bike's simplicity and readily-available replacement parts, also suggests the Giant Trinity Composite 2 as a best bike for beginning and mid-level competitors.

Planet X Stealth Pro SRAM Force

Light, lively, yet affordable don't readily come as a package with triathlon bikes. The Planet X Stealth Pro, however, is the exception to the rule, having been deemed for several years by triathlon publications as the best bike for triathletes who need lightweight and affordability over aero styling and electronic components. Planet X has modernized their Stealth Pro with their own brand of aero wheels, while retaining its very reliable SRAM Force groupset.

Focus Izalco Chrono 2.0 Di2

"The Active Times" calls the Focus Izalco Chrono 2.0 Di2 the best upgraded frame available, as it now comes with Shimano Ultegra electronic shifting. More compliments go to this carbon-clad aero bike for its relative low price point. Focus suggests this bike is worthy of both triathlon events as well as time trials.

Kestrel Talon Tri

Triathletes who consider pedigree as the best indicator of a tri bike's success focus on the Kestrel brand. Kestrel, which was one of the first manufacturers of carbon fiber frames, brings its Talon Tri with a mix of mid-level components and durability. The cost of speed, however, has not been compromised as the carbon-blend Kestrel is wind-tunnel tested for maximum aerodynamic ability.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0

"The Active Times" deems the Trek Speed Concept 7.0 a “best value” in the triathlon bike market. While the frame offers every bit of aerodynamic advantage found on Trek’s higher priced aero bikes, to keep costs at bay, the Speed Concept 7.0 is equipped with SRAM’s Apex groupset. The 20.5 carbon frame is also extremely stable when crosswinds kick up or if the road should become twisty.

Wilier Twin Blade

With its uniquely-styled twin-blade fork design, as well as smooth lines, the Wilier Twin Blade, according to, offers the best combination of effective aerodynamics and drivetrain resiliency when paired with Shimano Dura Ace components. Zipp 808 carbon wheels finalize the Twin Blade by giving it an even larger aerodynamic advantage.