Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Installation

The Iron Gym leverage-mounted pull-up bar doubles as push-up handles and a base for floor dips. The product is marketed through infomercials and can be purchased online or from bricks-and-mortar retail shops. The Iron Gym features wide-, narrow- and neutral-grip padded handles, and is ideally sized for use in a 30-inch doorway.


  1. Bolt one end of the flat bar onto the unpadded ends of each of the bent bars, facing the inside of the curve. A small bolt wrench is included with the Iron Gym, but it's very delicate. You may need to supply your own 10mm wrench.

  2. Slide the two straight, round bars together to create one long bar. Tighten a bolt through each of the two holes where the bars overlap to fasten them together.

  3. Place the long bar across the outside of the two bent bars, near the padded grips, and bolt it into place.


  1. Wedge the small metal tab that comes with the Iron Gym into the top of the door frame where you plan to install the Iron Gym. The tab should protrude straight up, between the wall and the trim.

  2. Slide the narrow, flat bar on the Iron Gym through the doorway from the other side and place it on top of the door frame's horizontal trim, between the metal tab and the wall. Make sure the flat bar seats securely on top of the door frame.

  3. Reach through the doorway and tug down on the far side of the Iron Gym. Visually verify that the flat bar remains wedged firmly atop the door frame and that the bumpers both hit the door frame evenly on the other side. Go through the doorway and weight the Iron Gym handles briefly, then check to make sure the flat bar is still firmly seated on top of the door trim. Your Iron Gym is now ready for use.


    Always inspect your Iron Gym before each use to make sure the parts are firmly bolted together.

    To remove the Iron Gym, push up on the neutral-grip handles and tilt the flat, narrow bar away from the doorway, then pull the Iron Gym through the door opening.

Things Needed

  • 10mm wrench

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