The Best Shoes for Running a Marathon

The marathon is perhaps the most demanding feat of athleticism known to humanity. The grueling 26.2 mile race demands discipline, muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. But the marathon does not just take a toll on your body and mind--it is tough on your shoes as well. You will need durable, comfortable shoes to run your marathon. To find the best shoes for marathon running, you should research your options--and try them on, if possible.

Nike Air Pegasus

Nike is known for top-quality footwear, and the Air Pegasus may assist your marathon running. According to the website Running Shoes Wizard, the Air Pegasus excels in providing support and cushioning, two major concerns for long runs. Running Shoes Wizard notes that the Air Pegasus is also lightweight, weighing just 12 oz. A little bit of weight can make a big difference when running more than 26 miles.

New Balance 1225

The New Balance 1225 was named a top running shoe by the website Marathon Training Schedule due to its combination of advantageous features. According to the site, the New Balance 1225 is considered one of the best running shoes available, and offers a lightweight design with plenty of cushioning. Marathon Training Schedule also explains that it is a durable model that can withstand tough trail running. In addition, the New Balance 1225 offers the brand's Phantom Liner, which is designed to reduce abrasion and maximize comfort on long runs.

New Balance 833

The New Balance 833 is one of the top marathon running shoes, according to the website The Fitness Motivator. This shoe weighs just 10 oz, so it will not slow you down, but the site notes that it still has enough cushion for long races. According to The Fitness Motivator, the New Balance 833 may help you shave minutes off your marathon time due to its light weight, but does not sacrifice too much cushioning. The site calls this shoe an "ideal choice for the small to medium frame runner."


The ASICS GEL-Kayano is recommended for stability by Running Shoes Wizard. This shoe is a relatively lightweight model that provides enough comfort for marathon running. The ASICS GEL-Kayano features memory foam to increase comfort and is durable enough for long runs. According to Asics, the shoe is also designed to resist moisture, whether from sweat or rain.