How to Swing a Golf Club Inside Out

How to Swing a Golf Club Inside Out

Too many golfers hit the ball outside in. They come over the top on their swing and cross the body of the golf ball from the outside in. This is a major problem usually resulting in a left-to-right trajectory. The ball will seem to be going straight until you find it has sailed way right and short of where you intended it to be. One way to cure the slice and your over the top swing is to start swing your club from the inside out. When you can do this, you'll improve your swing, and the ball will go much straighter.

Adjust your normal stance. According to Free Golf Swing Tips, your stance should be slightly wider than usual, and you should aim your shoulders, hips and feet 10 to 15 degrees right of the target.

Strengthen your grip. For a strong grip position, turn your hands slightly to the right on the club handle. The club face will close, making the ball to drift more left, which denies the slice.

Bring back your club low and wide along the line of your feet. According to Free Golf Swing Tips, you should stand a little taller than you would normally and swing with a sweeping motion. The last 12 inches of your swing, however, speed up before contact.

Release your hands into the ball. According to Free Golf Swing Tips, you should let your right hand overtake your left during impact. By doing this, you will ensure that the club face closes and the ball will go in the right direction.


A good way to check to see if you are hitting the ball inside out is to examine the club face after your shot. With a clean club head, check to see if the ball made an imprint on the inside of the club face. If it did, you shot correctly. Keep practicing with an emphasis on keeping your head down during the downswing if the ball didn't imprint the club face on the inside, suggests Pro Golfer Digest.


Avoid slicing by ensuring your weight gets transferred from the back leg to the front when transitioning from your backswing to your downswing. Transferring your weight is crucial for any good shot particularly one that is inside out. If your weight stays on the rear leg, the club face will open resulting in a slice.