Children's Games Played With Beach Balls

Beach balls are a simple addition to any party or gathering that can be used in all sorts of exciting children’s games, whether your games are being played at the beach, at the park or inside at school or home. Beach balls come in an array of sizes, with giant beach balls measuring up to 48 inches in circumference. When playing games inside, you could use a small- to medium-sized ball. Large and giant beach balls work well outside in open spaces.

Topic Toss

This simple game of beach ball catch incorporates thinking on your feet with eye-hand coordination. An adult should choose the topic for the first round to get the ball rolling and demonstrate the game. In subsequent rounds, engage participatory learning and allow the kids, or the winner, to choose the topic. Choose age-appropriate topics that are related to classroom lessons, including animals, sports, movies, presidents, countries and things that you take to the beach.

With a group of five or more children, have them stand in a circle, arms distance from the player on either side. The first player tosses the ball to whomever she chooses. The receiver must shout out a word relevant to the topic before catching the ball or face elimination. Allow younger children to catch the beach ball first and give them three seconds to answer. The last player standing wins the game.

Beach Ball Bowling

To play this children’s game, you need a beach ball and some space at the beach. Draw lines in the sand using your foot to define the playing area. A rectangular space about 5 feet wide and 10 feet to 20 feet long is sufficient. Use your hands to dig at least five divots large enough for the ball to fall into at one end of the playing court and assign a point value to each. Keep in mind that a shallow hole is more difficult to land in than a deep one and could be assigned a greater point value.

Have the children stand behind the line farthest from the divots and roll the ball, with the goal of making it land in a hole. The player with the most points after a predetermined number of rounds wins.

Relay Races

Beach balls work well for simple relay races. The Amazing Moms website says that these colorful toys make playing a great family picnic game easy. Because they are lightweight, beach balls tend to pop out of the children’s hands easier than a playground ball, adding an extra thrill to the game. Under-over, over the head and under the legs, along with side-to-side patterns, are easy for kids to understand. Group the children in teams of six or more and place them in a line. The first line to complete the given relay wins the race.

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