Back Stretching Machines

Back Stretching Machines

When it comes to stretching your back, there are plenty of exercise devices or machines designed to accomplish the task. Some devices, like the inversion table, stretch the back by turning you upside down. The most simple stretching machines, like the lumbar extender or portable back stretcher, are effective and affordable tools for home use. Whether you are looking for a therapeutic stretch after an injury or simply wanting to improve the flexibility of your back muscles, it is important to find the device that best suits your needs.

Inversion Tables

An inversion or back stretching table doesn't really look like a table at all, but more like an outdoor lounge chair. In the upright position, you secure your feet into straps that hold your ankles. Once in place, the machine enables you to turn upside down and hang in the inverted position with your spine supported by the upper back rest. Although an inversion table may adequately stretch the spine it may not be beneficial for long-term relief from back pain. Before you try an inversion table, it is important to speak to your physician. The upside-down position may propose health risks for people with high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart conditions.

Portable Back Stretcher

The portable back stretcher allows you to experience spinal traction without having to turn upside-down. You simply place your ankles in the foot supports while you put pressure on the leverage handles and stretch your spine. This type of traction may lengthen your spinal structure by an inch or so, while enhancing flexibility and improving posture.

Lying Back Decompression and Neck Traction

The patented Back Manager is a back stretching machine that uses massage, acupressure, core strengthening exercises and spinal mobilization to relax the muscles in the back as well as to relieve pain. For this device, you lie on your back on the machine with your hips and neck resting on the frame while your feet rest on the floor, with your knees bent. As you stretch, spine tingler rollers provide acupressure massage using your own body weight. The ComforTrac lumbar traction machine is also used in the lying position with knees bent. This particular machine is geared to provide 200 lbs. of tracking pressure for spine and neck traction.