Kindergarten Basketball Coaching Tips

Kindergarten Basketball Coaching Tips

Playing basketball at the kindergarten level is the first time many kids will be exposed to team sports. Whether you are an ex-basketball pro or a parent who's never set foot on the court, you can provide your team with a positive exposure to the game of basketball.

Focus on the Basics

Instilling the importance of the basics will provide your team with a strong baseline. Exploring drills that promote the general skills such as dribbling with the eyes up, jumping to meet a pass and pivoting without traveling will build a solid foundation for your players.

Maintain a Routine

Moving through the same set of drills each practice will provide structure. As kids begin to recognize the routine you have established, they will come to see their own improvement within each drill you move through.

Instill Healthy Values

All of the factors off the basketball court make a difference in performance on the court. Making sure kids are continuously drinking water is essential to post-workout recovery. Additionally, promoting healthy meals will enable your team to be more functional when it comes time for tipoff.

Encourage Work with Less Dominant Hand

Spending time working with the non-dominant hand will give your team the advantage. Try dribbling drills with the dominant hand behind the back and work on layups that encourage using the outer hand to release the shot.

Keep It Positive and Fair

Young kids can be at very different stages in their coordination, development and maturity. At the kindergarten level, time on the court is as much about learning the basics of sharing, teamwork and communication as it is about the game of basketball.