The Best Foot Baths

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Time at the day spa can be an amazing and relaxing experience, but often when the bill comes your blood pressure goes right back up. Home spa equipment is a popular alternative to the big bucks of professional spas and massages. Foot baths in particular are an affordable and unobtrusive piece of spa equipment that can be enjoyed easily and often in your own home. In the myriad of choices though, it’s hard to tell the cheap disappointments from the quality equipment. Based on feedback from real shoppers, there are some models that will deliver on their promises of a home spa retreat.

Homedics JS-200P Ultra Jet Action

The JS-200P is an affordable but feature rich footbath that has received resounding praises from the opinion collective Buzzilions. Heated water paired with massage action bubbles will certainly help take the edge off after a long day on your feet. A multi-attachment agitator can be outfitted for massage treatment or pumicing of rough spots once they’ve had a chance to soak. Finally, a design based on ease of use both during and after your relaxation time assures that no splashing or spilling will take place when you are cleaning up.

Helen of Troy Hotspa Professional

With a name like Helen of Troy, this foot bath had better deliver, and it does. The foot bath with every bell and whistle, the Helen offers features like a motorized Pedicenter for your massage and pedicure needs, foot rollers for massage and even an aromatherapy dispenser for your essential oils or scent beads. All of this is controlled with a waterproof toe touch control panel to avoid the annoyance of having to reach down to the floor and interrupt your relaxation. While all of these features come with a price higher than many competitors’, people sharing their experience after purchasing it through Amazon gave the Helen of Troy extremely high marks and praise.

Conair Foot Bath With Heat

The “bang for the buck” award goes to the Conair Foot Bath with Heat. Coming in as the least expensive of the top rated foot baths, the low sticker price did not stop Sears shoppers from giving this unit higher ratings than more expensive models. Including basic attachments but forgoing the some of the more fancy additions for the pure and simple hot soak with a bubble massage, the Conair Foot Bath does not distract with too much gadgetry. Simply turn it on, lean back and enjoy.

Conair Dual Jet Bath spa

If you would like to enjoy your foot massage in the bath instead of in the living room recliner but don’t want to remodel the bathroom, there is a product on the market for you. Again citing opinion leaders at Buzzilions, the Conair Dual Jet Bath spa is an easy and affordable addition that can turn your bath into a spa. An independent unit that fits over the side of the tub, it can be positioned at the feet for a pressure massage while you soak in the bubbles. A wand attachment allows you to get shoulders, calves and neck as well with this one versatile unit.