The Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer players with wide feet will notice a severely reduced selection when shopping for cleats. Due to reduced demand, shoes with a wider toe box can be more expensive and harder to find. Before you squeeze your toes into a regular fit shoe, take a look at these options for footballers with nonconformist toe spans.

Selecting the Right Upper

The top of the cleat, which holds the wearer's foot in place, is called the "upper." Although not all models of soccer cleats are manufactured with a wide fit option, some may be more flexible than others. Leather uppers mold to the shape of the wearer’s feet over a period of weeks, while cleats made with synthetic uppers retain their shape and size, making it a more attractive option for players with wider feet.

Selecting a Wide Cleat

There are a variety of widely available soccer cleats developed for people with wider feet, with very little price difference for the extra few centimeters of material. Models with a wider toe box are labeled with the modifier 'Wide' added to the end of their title. Women with wider feet might consider trying on a pair of men's cleats, which tend to be wider.

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