The Best Skipping Ropes

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What to Look For

When looking for the best jump rope, you must first decide what type of rope you need personally. If you want a cardiovascular workout, you will want to find a lighter rope, which will be propelled more by your body. If you are interested in a longer workout, a weighted leather or beaded rope will be best, as they are more durable and easier to coordinate. A heavier rope will propel itself and increase jumping speed, while a lighter rope requires more drive from the jumper.

Common Pitfalls

Jump ropes are often mismatched with jumpers for two reasons, length and weight. You can find a jump rope of appropriate length by standing on its center and pulling the handles up alongside your body. If the handles stop around your pectoral muscles it is the right size. Leather boxing jump ropes usually provide the best weight as well as durability. The density of the leather propels the rope enough to maintain speed and provides enough weight to increase the resistance on your muscles. Lighter jump ropes often loose their form in revolution and are harder to control.

Where to Buy

There are many places to purchase jump ropes. If you want a rope immediately, larger sporting good stores always carry them in stock and have a selection of the top brands. If you have some time, it may be best to order online. Here, you can read reviews and select the exact rope you want with the appropriate length and weight for your goals.


Jump ropes are inexpensive accessories. You can purchase top-of-the line ropes for under $25. These ropes will be long lasting and most efficient. You can also buy ropes for as little as $6. However, these will usually be made with inferior materials and not last as long and will most likely loose their shape quickly.