How to Reset a Bike Lock Combination

A bike lock provides freedom and peace of mind for riders who need to leave their bikes temporarily. Combination bike locks are easy to use and don't have keys to keep up with. If you've been using the same combination for a while, or if you just purchased your bike lock and want to use a personal combination, it is simple to reset.

  1. Unlock the lock using the current combination and release the cable from the lock housing. The current combination will either be a combination that you have set yourself, or the factory designated combination included with the original packaging.

  2. Determine whether your lock is equipped with a reset lever, or whether a reset tool is needed. The reset lever is a small lever located next to the dials. If you fail to see a lever, then you need to use the reset tool that came with your lock.

  3. Flip the reset lever down so that it is flat against the lock head. If your lock came with a reset tool, insert the reset tool into the corresponding holes and push until you hear a clicking noise.

  4. Rotate the dials to the new four-digit combination of your choice. Use numbers that are easy for you to remember.

  5. Remove the reset tool, or flip the reset lever to its original position. Re-insert the cable back into the lock housing. Turn the dials to scramble the combination and secure the lock.

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