The Best Tennis Sunglasses

The Best Tennis Sunglasses

What to Look For

Tennis sunglasses must provide superior UV protection and light protection while letting you move around quickly without the danger of the glasses falling off of your head. Tennis glasses are also designed to make it easier to see the yellow tennis ball flying at your head even with the sun directly in your eyes. Look for scratch-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate plastic and tight silicone nose grips so the glasses will not fall off when you sweat. The Tennis Coach Dave website recommends the Aruba Sports DRIVR tennis sunglasses because of their superior lenses and ideal fit. Optics Planet rates the Bolle Kicker Sport Tennis Sunglasses with five stars. These glasses have a special lens filter that darkens all colors but tennis ball yellow. On the Do It Tennis website, the Maxx Cinco HD Sport Sunglasses have a high rating because of their lenses and fit.

Common Pitfalls

The problem that many tennis players fall into is using regular sunglasses during tennis. Not only are regular glasses much easier to slip off during a high-impact sport like tennis, they also diminish your ability to see the tennis ball. Tennis sunglasses are specifically designed to brighten the ball while dimming other lights. Make sure the glasses you purchase are designed for use with tennis and have superior grip on the nose and around the head to prevent the glasses from flying off during jumps and dives.

Where to Buy

Find tennis sunglasses at sports stores. Some tennis stores online sell several versions and brands of tennis glasses such as Maxx Cinco, Bolle, Aruba and Oakley. Sports Authority has a selection of tennis sunglasses. For a more tennis-specific store, try the Do It Tennis website. They offer many brands of tennis sunglasses as well as other tennis products. Both of these stores offer periodic discounts and shipping offers.


Expect to pay more for tennis sunglasses than you would for regular sunglasses. The fact that the glasses must be shatter- and scratch-proof, as well as have a special lens for highlighting tennis balls, makes the price go up. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 for most tennis sunglasses. The Aruba Sports DRIVR tennis sunglasses cost about $65. The Bolle Kicker Sport Tennis Sunglasses cost about $92 and the Cinco HD Sport Sunglasses cost about $25.