The Best Running Tights for Women

The best running tights for women depend upon weather conditions and personal characteristics. Women's running tights include fleece-lined tights with a wind-resistant exterior -- for cold-weather running, or air-conditioned tights with mesh panels behind the knees, at the small of the back and at the hip -- for runners who overheat easily. If you have low-back or knee pain, the best running tights for you have lycra-and-nylon panels that wrap around your back and knees for extra support.

Running Tights Special Features

The best running tights have special creature comforts -- like a hip pocket for your music, flat seams to avoid chafing, a key pocket, and fabric that wicks moisture away from your body. Safety features include reflective detailing. Wide elastic waist bands prevent rolling, and lower-leg zips provide a snug fit.

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