How to Adjust the Draw Length on Browning Bows

Woman aiming bow and arrow

Browning is a leading manufacturer of hunting and outdoor equipment, including compound bows. The different models of bows produced by Browning are designed to fit archers of all ages and abilities with the variety of adjustments that can be made on the bow. One of the most important adjustments for a bow is the draw length--the distance in inches from the handle of the bow to the nocking point on the bowstring. Adjusting the draw length to match the individual shooter is crucial for safety, effectiveness, performance and accuracy.

Locate the cam adjustments on the top and bottom of the bowstring. All Browning bows use the same Inner Cam System that allows easy draw-length adjustments in 1-inch increments within the prescribed range. The factory-set “A” position indicates the longest draw length for that bow and gets progressively shorter as the letters increase from “B,” “C” and “D.”

Place the bow in a bow press to compress the bowstring. Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the draw length adjustment screw. Tighten the screw in the appropriate corresponding letter. For example, if the “A” setting is a 30-inch draw and you want the bow set to a 28-inch draw, move the draw length adjustment to the “C” position. The “D” position would indicate a 27-inch draw.

Repeat the adjustment to both cams so the draw-length adjustments are in the same letter position. Securely tighten all of the cam screws.

Adjust the draw stop based on the draw length. The draw stop uses the same lettering system as the draw length and should be set to the corresponding letter. For example, if the draw length is set to the “B” positions, the draw stop will also be set to “B.” The draw stop will always go to the inside of the cam.

Move the bowstring to the “+” or “-" of the post for 1/4-inch draw length adjustments. Moving the bowstring to the “+” will increase the draw length, while the “-" will decrease the draw length.


Avoid using a draw length that is too long as it can negatively affect performance and accuracy. Calculate your draw length by standing with your back to a wall with your arms stretched out to the sides. Measure the distance from the tips of the fingers, then subtract 15 and divide by 2. Always inspect the bow before shooting for missing or damaged components.


Follow manufacturer guidelines for using a bow press.