The Best Wireless Headphones for Jogging

Zoran Zeremski/iStock/Getty Images

What to Look For

The best wireless headphones are able to provide quality sound without encumbering the listener with excess weight. If you’re in the market for a pair or wireless headphones, look for a pair that can establish a strong connection with a music player. Bluetooth headphones are the standard for clear communication with wireless devices, and most music players have Bluetooth capabilities. Also, look for headphones that are designed to stay on your head during a workout. Headphones that feature in-ear buds and frames that wrap around the back of the user’s head tend to stay on better during exercise.

Common Pitfalls

If your headphones aren’t designed for use during exercise, excessive sweating may damage them, so look for headphones that are made specifically for activity. Also, some wireless headphones can be heavy because of their battery packs and external framework. Look for headphones that weigh half a pound or less.

Where to Buy

You can find wireless jogging headphones online and many websites sites allow shoppers to compare headphones by price, brand and user rating. You can usually find wireless headphones at local electronic stores.


Wireless headphones range in price from under $40 for a discounted pair to thousands of dollars for a high-end pair. The best prices tend to be found online and check online user reviews to make sure that the pair you're looking at is a good one.