The Best Snowmobile Gloves

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What to Look For

The right snowmobile gloves are an essential part of any snowmobile suit. Your hands must be kept warm in order to operate your snowmobile properly. Consider how much snowmobiling you'll be doing. If your snowmobile travel is limited to quick trips around the yard or into town for supplies, then purchasing expensive, heavy-duty snowmobile gloves may not be necessary. However, if you go on long trips and ride in bad weather or at high speeds, you will need very durable, warm gloves. Look for gloves that have extra padding and insulation, particularly in the fingers. A palm grip for keeping hold of the snowmobile handles is also important. Waterproof gloves are essential, especially if you find yourself traveling through overflow or in other wet conditions. In addition, you'll need gloves that are deft enough for you to perform simple operations while still offering maximum protection.

Common Pitfalls

Don't make the mistake of purchasing your gloves online and then not wearing them until you head out on a trip. You must test your gloves before going on a journey with them. Squeeze your hands in the gloves. Try and perform simple movements with them. Perhaps even head outside on a cold day and wear them around before testing them on your snowmobile. Don't buy your gloves at a discount or department store. You must shop for this type of glove at store with equipment specifically made for snowmobilers or outdoor adventurers that spend a lot of time outside in the winter.

Where to Buy

Purchase winter gear like snowmobile gloves at stores like Cabela's. Any store that sells snowmobiles will also be able to tell you where to find good gear locally if they don't have it themselves. All Snowmobile Gear is a website dedicated to just snowmobile accessories, so if you know your glove size, you can likely find a good glove for you.


Snowmobile gloves like the CKX Throttle Series Gloves are waterproof, have reflective piping and have a wipe on the the left hand finger as well as PVC sure grip on the palm for $54.95 through All Snowmobile Gear. Other gloves can be found between $35 and $75, depending on features and brand.