The Best Gloves to Keep Hands Warm

Przemysław Ceynowa/iStock/Getty Images

While buying gloves might not seem like a tricky task, the variety of winter gloves can make it difficult to choose the ones to dress your digits. But rather selecting your gloves based on fashion or price, consider what glove style and material will keep your fingers warm during the winter.


Look for gloves with at least two layers -- and maybe even a third -- if you’re using them for outdoor winter activities. The inner layer should not only wick away moisture, but also provide enough insulation to trap warm air inside the glove. The outer layer should be resistant to wind, water or both.


Cashmere, wool, fleece and goose down typically provide exceptional warmth. But if you're looking for a glove with a bit more dexterity, choose polyester or spandex; just keep in mind that these materials won't offer quite as much warmth.