The Best Body Shavers for Men

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What to Look For

Electric and disposable body shavers are available for men to choose from. Overall, you should look for a body shaver that can safely and comfortably provide you with a smooth shave below the neck. Many electric shavers come with various attachments that can provide you with either an up-close and personal shave or just a trim. Many electric shavers are also rechargeable and cordless. According to Consumer Search, when choosing from a disposable body shaver, consumer reviews have pointed toward using those with four to five blades, as users have stated these blades provide the smoothest shave.

Common Pitfalls

The initial cost of an electric body shaver will be higher than a disposable body shaver's. However, it may save you money down the line, as disposable shavers will either have to be replaced all together, or for those with disposable cartridges, the cost of replacement cartridges can add up quickly. On the flip side, for going on trips, disposable body shavers can be more convenient, as they are small and easy to travel with.

Where to Buy

All types of body shavers can be purchased at stores such as Walmart or Target. However, according to Consumer Search, Amazon offers competitively low prices on shavers. It's also convenient to shop through Amazon's website, as it provides product reviews and ratings from previous users.


The average cost of a quality brand electric body shaver will range between $40 to $70. As for disposable shavers, you can pay between $10 to $12 for the initial shaver and around $2 per replacement cartridge. Replacement cartridges are commonly sold in packages and you may be able to save money by comparing prices through Amazon's website. You also have the choice of purchasing disposable shaver razors, where there are no replacement cartridges. These may be convenient for traveling or camping. However, they tend to cause more irritation and cuts.

Comparison Shopping

According to Amazon reviews, the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System receives four and a half out of five stars, with 132 customer ratings, as of 2010. Customers have been satisfied with the various attachments that help provide a smooth and safe shave below the neck. As for disposable shavers, Consumer Search recommends choosing from a Gillette manufacturer, such as the Gillette Fusion or Gillette Mach3 Turbo.