The Best Waterproof Walking Shoes

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

If you are a dedicated fitness walker, you'll walk in wet weather as well as warm, dry sunshine. A dependable, high-quality waterproof walking shoe can help to keep your feet comfy and dry while also providing stability on slick surfaces.

Waterproof Features

The best walking shoes will be waterproof throughout the entirety of the shoe, which means the sole as well as the material on the uppers. Both REI and recommend walking shoes made of Gore-Tex and full-grain leather, two materials that protect against water. The linings of the walking shoe should also be waterproof and made of a breathable fabric. Be wary of shoes that are water resistant and not waterproof. With enough moisture, the former eventually allow water to seep through.

The Whole Shoe

There is no reason to compromise any important features for waterproof walking shoes. Along with being made of a moisture-wicking and porous material, the shoe should fit well, be comfortable to wear for extended periods, provide cushioning and support, and be light in weight. Avoid wearing walking shoes that are tight or pinch your feet, or those that are too wide or narrow, which can interfere with your agility and comfort.