The Best Heated Gloves

What to Look For

Heated gloves are often rechargeable when not in use, which prevents unnecessary bulkiness in the gloves and allows for maximum comfort, or they may be battery-powered. In the best gloves, you should be unable to feel the wires through the glove liner, and the product should be tested for safety even in wet conditions.

Common Pitfalls

Cheaply made gloves may need to be frequently recharged or run through batteries, or worse, they may quickly become inoperable. Many electric gloves are also too thick for the heating function to work well, having too much mass to be heated by the elements inside for it to do any good. Look for slimmer gloves instead, so that you can feel the full benefit of the heating element.

Where to Buy

Places to pick up a pair of heated gloves includes outdoor goods stores such as well as motorcycle apparel stores. A wide variety of online retailers also offer electric gloves.


A good pair of heated gloves will cost you well more than $100 and often closer to $200. If you want to get a deal, you might cruise websites for specials on winter clothing, as brick-and-mortar retailers will likely have displaced winter stock for summer gear.

Comparison Shopping

Notable brands include Warm N' Safe, Venture, Gerbing and Firstgear, which score well among professional reviewers and owner-reviewers. If $150 to $200 seems to be more than you're willing to pay for a pair of gloves, then consider the cheaper glove liners offered by many of these companies.

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