The Best Court Shoes

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Court sports generally require a heavy dose of side-to-side movement and sudden changes of direction. The best court shoes support rapid movement on the court surface, provide comfort and work to prevent injuries whether you're engaged in tennis, racquetball, basketball, volleyball or squash.

The Best Court Shoes

The best court shoes provide a good level of lateral stability, quickness, traction and comfort. Lateral stability and traction protects your ankle when moving side to side and also allows for rapid lateral changes of direction. Shoes that are light and somewhat flexible allow for quick bursts in any direction. Also, the best court shoes are comfortable out of the box.

The Best Court Shoes For Different Sports

For basketball, the best court shoes generally have mid-to-high tops for stability, a soft heel to prevent injuries from jumping and landing, and are light enough to run fast. Tennis shoes vary mainly in the different soles used on various surfaces. Grass court shoes have nubs or spikes to help dig into the surface, while clay court shoes have tight treads to prevent loss of traction on slick clay. Hard court shoes need to be more durable as the court is not kind to soft soles.