The Best Electric Massagers

Registered nutritionist, therapist and fitness trainer Philip J. Legge, says that massage is a fundamental part of a wellness routine. It quickly relaxes muscles and joints, resulting in increased absorption of nutrients and elimination of metabolic waste from the cells. Electric massagers can help relax tired and sore muscles without the need to visit to a massage therapist.

Thumper MINI PRO2

Thumper's MINI PRO2 has two massage spheres and three electronically regulated power settings for use on both thin and thick muscles. According to wellness product website, the MINI PRO2 uses a method called tapotement - a steady, comfortable, pulsed acupressure that easily penetrates even the thickest muscles. This corded, portable percussion massager weighs a mere 3 pounds, providing professional strength in a self-use size.

Human Touch Swan Softouch Massager

Ergonomically designed to target hard-to-reach places like shoulders and mid-back, the handheld HT-1280 Swan Softouch Massager utilizes percussion massage technology with a three-position switch and a total weight of only two pounds. Since the motor is located in the middle of the unit, this unit is easier to handle than other massagers with head-mounted motors. Additionally, its sleek, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel.

Brookstone Flex Targeted Personal Massager

Brookstone's Flex Targeted Personal Massager utilizes vibrating power combined with a flexible head, allowing for pinpoint accuracy. The affordably priced Flex Target offers four speeds along with a 20-minute auto shutoff feature. This corded massager doesn't require heavy batteries and features a compact size with a storage bag for easy travel.