Concept2 Rowing Workouts

Concept2 Rowing Workouts

Rowing machines are neglected in conventional gyms. They sit unused and lonely, surrounded by busy treadmills and the whir of ellipticals. In truth, they are useful for a variety of training goals. Using high-intensity interval training, you can get maximum results in a minimum amount of time spent on a Concept2 rower -- even if you're new to rowing.

Simple Intervals

HIIT. often is associated with running and treadmill sprints, but it can be used to enhance the benefits of just about any form of cardio exercise -- including rowing. Adjust the Concept2's damper -- the lever that establishes the resistance you will encounter as you row -- to a setting of no lower than 4. The highest setting is 10. These numbered settings are included only on Models C, D and E. After taking five minutes to warm up, perform a 500-meter sprint, then drop back to a low to moderate pace for twice as long as it takes you to complete the sprint. Repeat this process five to six times.

Intensifying the High Intensity

For a short but extremely intense HIIT session, perform eight work intervals of 20 seconds with 10 seconds of low to moderate recovery rowing between each set. If that's too easy, change the digital display from a measure of meters rowed to the pace-to-wattage calculator, which lets you identify your power in watts based on your average pace for 500 meters.