Review of the Gs 2700 Power Glide

Fact Checked

The Gold's Gym GS2700 PowerGlide, a single-station home gym, offers an impressive number of exercise options in a compact package. You can use the GS2700 to work every major muscle group in your body, meeting the American College of Sports Medicine recommendation that healthy adults under age 65 strength train twice weekly.


The GS2700 presents what might seem, at first, like a dizzying array of components packed into a very small space. These include butterfly arms, a lat tower, press arms, a curl pad and a leg attachment. The single weight stack positioned behind the upright bench is partially shrouded to protect unwary fingers.


The GS2700's components allow you to perform a variety of exercises. Lat pull-downs on the lat tower work every major muscle group in your back. Sitting in the bench and manipulating the press arm works your chest, shoulders and arms. And the leg attachment allows you to isolate your quads and hamstrings, two muscle groups that are almost impossible to work independently without gym equipment. The butterfly handles work your pecs, and the curl pad is designed to support your elbows as you do preacher curls, which work your biceps.


If you're creative you can wring even more exercise options out of your GS2700. This is important because if you never vary your workout routine, your body will adapt to the degree that it no longer gains strength or endurance from a workout--the dreaded plateau.

Example modifications include using the lat tower and lat bar for tricep pushdowns. The GS2700 also comes with a triangle handle and ankle strap. Connect the ankle strap to the pulley on the leg lever and you can perform hip adduction, abduction and extension. Attach the handle to the low pulley and you can do low rows or bicep curls. Attach the same handle to the lat tower pulley for high rows and cable wood chops.


One of the GS2700's greatest benefits--the opportunity for a full body, gym style workout at home--is also a potential pitfall. Stay focused on maintaining proper form throughout your workout. This includes exhaling each time you lift the weight and inhaling as the weight lowers. Move the weight smoothly and under control with each lift; aim for a cadence of two seconds on the way up, two to four seconds on the way down.


Once fully assembled, the GS2700 measures 83 inches high by 43 inches wide and 77 inches deep. The GS2700's maximum user weight capacity is 300 lbs. The manufacturer cautions that children under 12 and pets should not be allowed on the equipment; it's very easy for inquisitive fingers and noses to get trapped in moving parts.