The Best Soccer Cleats for Defenders

What to Look For

Defenders need a soccer boot that is able to dig into the pitch when they need to make a tackle, so a longer cleat can be helpful. Typical soccer cleats have a half-inch cleat, but you should aim for a three-quarter-inch cleat instead. You need to accurately kick a long ball down to your front line, so the side of your soccer cleat is critical to that accuracy. Make sure the cleat you choose has shaping to the inside of the cleat that helps direct the ball on harder kicks. Top brands of soccer cleats include Nike, Puma, Asics, Diadora, Umbro, Under Armour and adidas.

Common Pitfalls

There aren’t as many football boots dedicated to defenders as there are to strikers and wingers, so you will likely have to look at a wide variety of boots to find the best options for your style of play. If you're more of a physical player who guards the backline with lots of tackles, aim for a longer cleat -- maybe even close to one inch. If you're a faster defender who depends on your footwork, make sure that the boot properly supports your ankles so you don't twist one as you dig out the ball.

Where to Buy

You can find general soccer cleats at sporting goods stores. They likely won't carry a good defender’s boot in-store. Instead, try an online specialty retailer like Soccer.com, which carries a wider range of styles and sizes.


The best soccer cleats for defenders range in price based on their features. You can find soccer boots for $30 to $220; good defenders’ boots typically start around $100. From Soccer.com, you can find regularly priced cleats from $40 to $500, which defenders’ cleats being in the $70 to $100 range for the most part.

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