The Best Pre-Workout Energy Supplements

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For many people, finding the motivation to hit the gym can be difficult, especially after a long day at work or school. If you can relate to this issue, you may want to use a pre-workout energy supplement. These products are intended to increase your energy and endurance during workouts and can give you the extra burst of motivation you need. In addition, pre-workout energy supplements often contain ingredients such as creatine and other amino acids that may help increase your muscular strength and recovery. Not all pre-workout supplements contain the same ingredients, so review each formula carefully and consult a doctor before using these or any other supplements.

VPX Redline Extreme RTD

VPX Redline Extreme RTD was selected as the best energy drink in the 2010 supplement awards, as it contains a number of ingredients that may enhance energy and endurance during workouts. This ready-to-drink product does not require mixing and is convenient for travel. VPX Redline Extreme RTD contains a number of energy-enhancing ingredients, such as caffeine, yohimbine and tyramine. In addition, VPX Redline Extreme RTD also contains ingredients that may improve exercise performance, such as beta alanine. A study published in the June 2010 issue of the journal "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" found beta alanine may improve endurance and performance in high-intensity exercise.

Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump 250

Gaspari Nutrition manufactures a number of sports nutrition supplements such as protein and the pre-workout energy product Super Pump 250. This product also contains a number of stimulants such as caffeine and tyrosine as well as herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, ginseng and rhodiola rosea. Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump 250 may also improve muscular strength and endurance, because it contains creatine. According to research from the August 2007 issue of the "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research," creatine supplementation may improve strength in conjunction with resistance training.

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy is another pre-workout energy supplement that contains caffeine and a number of other stimulants, including yerba mate, tyrosine and evodiamine. In addition, Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy contains performance-enhancing ingredients such as beta alanine and creatine. Other ingredients include amino acids such as taurine, carnosine and arginine. Research from the April 2010 issue of "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research" indicates that arginine supplementation may increase levels of growth hormone and insulin-like growth hormone, which are muscle-building hormones.