The Best Compression Garments for Sport

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What to Look For

The kind of compression garment that you’ll be shopping for depends on the sport you play and the muscles in your body that are sore and tight. There are compression sleeves for your calves, compression socks for your feet and legs and compression sleeves for your forearms and biceps. You can also buy compression pants, shirts or body suits. When shopping for the right garments consider the sport you play, the muscles that you want the compression to target and your budget. Full bodysuits cost more than shin sleeves, so if only your calves are bothering you, you can save money.

Common Pitfalls

Compression garments are meant to be tight because the compression increases circulation and blood flow. However, if they are too tight, to the point of cutting off circulation, you’ll do yourself more harm than good. Compression garments, like regular garments, come in different sizes and styles. Make sure you try them on in the store to find the right fit for your body.

Where to Buy

Most sporting goods and running stores carry compression garments. You can buy compression socks and shin sleeves at the Running Room, a running store located throughout North America. You can also buy most types of compression clothing at Dicks Sporting Goods. If you know the size and fit it is sometimes best to order your garment online. Zensah, Skin USA and Under Armour are all popular compression clothing brands and you can order garments directly off their websites.


The prices range from $50 for a pair of compression socks or shin sleeves to approximately $300 for a full body suit. Skins USA men’s lower body tights are $140, whereas Zensah and Under Armour men’s lower body tights are approximately $50 to $70. Skins USA uses BioAcceleration Technology to apply compression to specific body parts in a balanced way. Skins USA states on their website that their products are more expensive due to the BioAcceleration Technology.

Comparison Shopping

Compression tights will compress your entire lower body from your lower belly down to your ankles. If your sport involves a lot of lower body movement and results in lower body muscle soreness, than these may be the best choice for you. However, if just your calves or upper thighs are sore, then you can get sleeves for these body parts for a cheaper price than the full lower body tights.